David Starr


This song is just an imaginary road trip. 


Let Time be Time


absent love or anything that looked like love

I drove west into the Colorado night

I was looking for a friend I hadn't seen her in a while

would she remember me… I was hoping she might


I awoke to the cold of a Utah desert sunrise

I felt my soul begin to stir

shaking off the drive looking down the road

wondering if that road would still lead me to her


     mistakes are on your doorstep

     heart on the line

     keep your eyes on the road

     drive slow and let time be time


the light in her window burned like a fire

the light in her eyes touched my soul

lost in the depths of an old friend's desire

sparks on a night so cold


looking back to the east at the things left behind

i saw nothing i needed to save

she said 'i remember you, you're the quiet one'

she was happy to take what i gave


i left a part of myself in her arms down that road

as i drove into the beckoning dawn

looking back long enough to remember the  night….


     mistakes on your doorstep

     heart on the line

     keep your eyes on the road

     drive slow and let time be time

David Starr


This idea came to me from a friend.  Just some old words on a cocktail napkin.  She gave me permission to build a song around the lyrics.  I added some words and images of my own, but it's her imaginary road trip!




Driving west on the interstate, driving all day long

Running fast, chasing down the sun

When midnight came, Topeka, turned south to Wichita

Wee small hours, cheap hotel, first one that I saw


Too tired to keep on driving, tired of running from the past

Strung out but not sleepy, I won’t come down fast

Drank a beer and wrote to you, then I killed the lights

Lay down to sleep, closed my eyes, there you were in sight


                  We made love in Wichita

                  But only I was there

                  Ah, we made love in Wichita

                  When you were who knows where

                  Who knows where


  Well I dreamed you were right next to me

  I felt you hold me tight

  Your loving arms, your kiss so sweet

  I’m giving up the fight

  Stay with me until I wake from this lonesome dream of you

  We burned down that Kansas night with a fire that burned so true


Well maybe distance will redeem me

Maybe time will set me free

Let me sleep tonight in Dodge or Denver

Or the next place that I see

I’ll remember to forget you

Your skin, your eyes and your kiss

And in my sleep not love you

Not let you in like this


                  Oh, we made love inWichita

                  But only I was there

                  Ah, we made love in Wichita

                  When you were who knows where

                  Who knows where


We made love in Wichita

It was only in my dreams

Oh, how we loved in Wichita

Things are never what they seem

Only in my dreams

Only in my dreams

David Starr


Just a little song of support. We can all use it from time to time.


Here for You


Name your poison

Name a day next week

Honey I will gladly join you on your losing streak

I know that things have gone from bad to worse

And you don’t know what to do

Don’t worry ‘bout a thing

I’m here for you


     Come rain or shine

     Time after time

     Don’t worry bout a thing

     I’m here for you


Nobody ever cares about it

As much as you do

And nothing ever matters to them

the way it matters to you

and on the  days when things go from bad to worse

and you won’t know what to do

don’t worry bout a thing

I’m here for you


  Well there’s the devil you know and the devil you don’t

  Sometimes things work out sometimes they don’t

  You may curse the night you may see the light

  Shake it off now don’t give up the fight


Like pouring coffee in the dark

You don’t know when to stop

Well you run and you run trying to reach

what you  think is the top

your best intentions take you from bad to worse

and you don’t know what to do

don’t worry bout a thing honey

I’m here for you


David Starr


As a friend said upon hearing this one several months ago..."well, there it is then". 


We don’t have to do this


I’m killin’ you you’re killin’ me

We throw pointless punches in the dark cause we’re both too blind to see

The race is run a good horse went down

But at the end of the day we’re both gonna live in this town…


I let you down you held me up

And it hurts us both to think that it never was enough

But life goes on and honey things just change

When the fire is gone only ashes will remain…


We don’t have to do this we don’t have to fight

There’s nothing left to drown here let’s just say “goodnight”


There’s nothing left to lose or win

The words have all been said

Our love lies still and sleeping

Unforgiven, left for dead


 A soft rain falls as the sun comes up

Another day that I’m alive another chance to love

Maybe you’ll see me in a different light

I pray I’ll find redemption in the coming quiet night….

David Starr


Wrote this one on a fairly dark day.  You probably figured that one out, though.


Nothing Short


There’s a bell jar full of nickels

On a stand beside the bed

The sun hits it in the morning

And it shines like a million bucks

And nothing short of Providence

Is gonna bring me luck


I got a fistful of old anger

And no one to blame but me

I would strike a deal with the devil himself

If this hurt would let me be

Nothing short of loving her

Is gonna bring me home


He was making plans for someday

Wide as the western sky

She was looking past a fool’s big dream

And asking herself why

Now the ghosts in every doorway

Remind me I’m alone

And nothing short of loving her

Is gonna bring me home

David Starr


This song started out as one thing, then came to mean something altogether different to me. That said, it's about those who have somehow gone away; either literally or in spirit. 


What do you recall


What do you recall of me

Would you recognize my face

Would you even know me now

In another time and place?


Tell me what remains of love

Tell me what remains of your heart

Tell me what you need from me

While we’re apart


I know the price you’ve had to pay

Just to walk in the light

And I know your path and mine

Will not meet again


What do you recall of me

Would you recognize this kiss

Hold me in your heart my love

 As long as you can

As long as you can

David Starr


Inspired by a friends struggle to be understood and appreciated.  So much has been cheapened, it seems.


everything is made in china


Lately she’s been questioning her progress

Looking in the mirror…at a stranger looking back

Nothing comes as easy as it did when she was young

When did this crazy train get so far off the track?


sunny days, they are outnumbered

By the cloudy ones wrapped  up in blue

Answers are so hard to find and people can be so unkind

Where in the world is the one thing that is true?


 everything is made in china

there are no gentlemen left on the planet earth

soon everything will cost one dollar

and we still won’t know what love is worth…


time was when time was endless

and the best of days took all day long

friends were everywhere you ran

and lovers spoke to you in every song……


one small victory and her world will turn again

a knowing glance…another chance…..take a ragtop for a spin

on the way to love and laughter and all the things she needs

a flower grows and something comes from all these planted seeds..



David Starr


If we just knew each other...really knew each other.


Could have run together



I know you’ve noticed

These lines on my face

Easements granted in the years that I was lost

I know you think you understand

You’ve been in my place

But it’s harder than you think

To calculate the cost


You’re so persuasive darling

Your argument’s so strong

And God knows I’m looking for direction in these days

But times have changed me baby

They’ve changed you too

And they’ve changed the way this lover’s game is played


     I wish that I had known you long ago

     We could have run together you and I

     I tore down the walls and wound up a prisoner just the same

     Why’d it take so long to learn to fly?

     We could have run together you and I


  There was I was you and you were me

  And nothing in the world it seemed

  could ever come between


But for all the times you and I have chased the dark

And damned the placks and tangles of the mind

We are souls connected, connected by a spark

And sparks these days are so hard to find

David Starr


A cautionary tale of sorts.


Halfway home


You haven’t heard your own advice

In years and years and years

Yet everyone around you baby

Is tryin to make you hear

I’m not one to make predictions

There are no guarantees

But take it from a fool who knows

You’ll end up just like me

Halfway home


She’s not the one you left behind

But she’s the one you lost

And everything you’ve ever learned

Warned you bout the cost

Of hearts and heads and fools in beds

And wasted precious time

Now she will not stay and play your game

She’s moving down the line

She’s halfway home


  Well you’d think we would have learned by now

  That we would surely know

  We only court disaster when

  We let our dark side show


Few held on tight a long long time

So hard to let go

So many things we left unsaid

So much you’ll never know

Of lessons learned and bridges burned

And wasted precious time

That we can’t get back it’s gone for good

You run but still you find

You’re halfway home

David Starr


Use your imagination.


I've Come for you...


Out here in the darkness

There are things that you can’t see

One of them's your foolish pride

and one of them is me 


when you here the footsteps

right outside your door

honey it’s no mystery

what I’ve come here for


I’ve come for you

I’ve come for you


    You can tell me that I just don’t understand

    And that we don’t have that fire anymore

    I’ll go straight to hell if you want me to

    But I’ll still be me and you’ll still be you


It’s that time of the night

When the one thing that will please

Is the familiar touch of another

in the dark when no one sees


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